About Living Epiphany

The Origin Story

How did LivingEpiphany.com com about?

Hello, and welcome.

My name is Dave Pipitone, discoverer of Living Epiphany and publisher of LivingEpiphany.com.

About the year 2006 or 2007, our family enrolled in a Family Faith Religious Education Program at Holy Family Catholic Parish in Inverness, Illinois.

Our daughter was an elementary school student in a public grade school and we chose to enhance her Catholic education through the parish’s Sunday catechesis program.

At one family session, Fr. Pat Brennan (pastor) and Dawn Mayer (Director of Religious Education) asked us to identify a six-word phrase that signified our meaning of life, as it was. The exercise was inspired by a popular project of the time, Six Word Memoirs.

As I worked on the project, my inspiration came to me: “Living Epiphany: Treasure God, Ourselves, Others.”

My wife loved the story of the magi from the Gospel of Matthew, so it resonated with us at the time.

Little did I know that that family faith session would signal a deeper discovery of God’s love for me, you, and others.

Where has Living Epiphany Evolved?

As I began to reflect on and pray about the deeper themes of Epiphany, I learned the underlying theological tone of manifestation – God revealing and showing up in human history.

I pondered the ideas of treasure in Scripture, the treasuring journey of life beginning viewing the journey of the Magi as a paradigm for humanity’s search for and discovery of God’s presence.

Living Epiphany involves a treasuring journey throughout all stages and phases of life.

The journey starts and ends with God.

As we move through life, we discover God’s love, and find our identity.

We discover our unique precious worth being created in the Divine Image of God.

We recognize the precious in other people and offer homage to them through our admiration, encouragement, and appreciation.

  • Admiration honors their treasure of being.
  • Encouragement honors their treasure of doing.
  • Appreciation honors their treasure of relating and expresses how much they mean to us.

I worked with a local artist to develop three images, “I Treasure God,” “I Treasure Me,” and “I Treasure You.”

The “I Treasure God!” image is the cornerstone for loving God and is used in the “I Treasure God Prayer Journals.”

The “I Treasure Me!” image is the foundation of a coming-soon journal or reflection aid to journal about our own personal growth in loving ourselves, in relation to living out the gifts that God has given us.

The “I Treasure You!” image is the basis for writing treasuring notes, to express our admiration, encouragement, and appreciation to others.

I was inspired to design the Love Compass, treasuring maps, treasuring notes, and aligning the concepts of the three treasures each human being receives – the treasures of being, doing, and relating.

I believe our three treasures contain precious gifts from God that we are meant to enjoy and share. Like the Magi, we do homage to God by offering the gifts we have received in love throughout our journey of life.

What Can You Learn About Applying Living Epiphany in Your Life?

That’s the purpose of this website and what’s in it for you.

My intention is to create and offer resources to aid us in aspiring to live a treasuring life.

So, look around and stay in touch.

Read our articles and blog posts.

Download the no-cost resources we offer.

Invest and purchase the paid products we develop.

Love is the greatest activity we can offer back to God, ourselves and one another.

Thank you for visiting. Remember, God treasures you and we aspire to that too.

Dave Pipitone