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Life is a Journey of Treasuring

All of life is a journey.

The home page of this website recounted the Gospel of Matthew and the journey of the magi to behold, honor, and do homage to a newborn King.

The magi undertook a treasuring journey.

They left their homeland, traversed unknown territory, following the star, until they reached their destination: a recently born child and his parents.

The Magi’s arrived in Bethlehem and gave three valuable gifts to the parents for the child: gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

The key words in this account are the discovery, the journey, and giving and receiving gifts.

The Journey Every Person Has

We live in both time and space. Our journey takes place in time and through space.

We journey in time from conception and birth to our death and then to the next life.

We journey from day to day, year to year, and generation to generation.

We journey in place from one location to another.

We have the freedom to choose the direction of our journeying and to influence the journey of others.

Even though the event of the Magi happened nearly 2,000 years ago, we celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany every year at the beginning of January.

And by Living Epiphany, we can take a treasuring approach to life every day.

What is Living Epiphany?

Living epiphany is about the learnings and discoveries we make during our journey.

We discover our three fundamental gifts, the gifts of being, doing, and relating.

We encounter others and witness their presence, their actions, and interactions.

This process is a metaphor: life is a treasuring journey – a journey of love.

We discover ourselves when we discover God’s love for us.

We discover the beauty of others when we see and observe God’s love for them.

We journey in understanding to find wisdom.

We give of our valuable gifts and receive the priceless gifts from God to enjoy and to share with others.

How We Find the Direction on the Journey

To find the direction of the journey and keep us on course, we need a star to follow.

Or a Love Compass.

The Love Compass guides our heart and decisions to treasure God above all things, and to treasure ourselves and other people.

To learn more about the Love Compass, click on the highlighted text.