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Love Does Not Rejoice over Wrongdoing, but Rejoices with the Truth

There is a joyful component of love found in this verse in St. Paul’s discourse on the attributes of love found in his first letter to the Corinthians.

As the instruction to the Corinthians goes, Paul presented a pair of opposites about what to rejoice in.

Don’t rejoice over wrongdoing – rejoice in the Truth.

Let’s took a brief look at both sides.

Love does not rejoice over wrongdoing.

Have you ever had anyone pull you aside and whisper something like, “I got away with one?” 

That person then tells you how he/she didn’t get caught when speeding, cheating on reporting taxes, or something illegal.

There is a sort of glee, a smile, an air of pride that goes along with that report.

That is on the venial end of things.

Some are blatantly vulgar, crooked, immoral, and indecent who boast about their exploits and “success.”

Their attitude is a service to love of self or an unjust way of living; for them, rejoicing is all about one’s own gain at others’ expense.

That is not truly loving, though.

Love rejoices with the Truth.

“What is truth?” is the famous question that Pilate asked Jesus in the 18th Chapter of the Gospel of John in the Bible. 

Just a few chapters earlier, Jesus told his disciples, “I am the way, the life, and the truth.”

The Truth was a Person who values what God values – justice, peace, virtue, nobility, honesty, and integrity.

Love goes outside of oneself – to rejoice with the good in life – is the love that Paul is writing about.

Love gives back to God what is God’s – the attitude of respect, honor, and praise – where the reward is joy worth more than gold.

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