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Love Endures All Things

Love is a journey of endurance.

The journey starts with our body’s first cell dividing and ends with the last breath we exhale.

And the many life moments, seasons, and circumstances we experience.

In the treasure of being – our existence – one of the gifts that God gave each of us is a unique lifetime.

A lifetime is just that, a compilation of moments, seasons, and circumstances as we journey through time and space with God and others.

The hope that Christians hold is that God created all humanity out of love and is with each person each moment of one’s lifetime.

This lifetime doesn’t end at our physical death, though.

God’s love is so expansive that it is offered to us, along with eternal life and happiness with Him, because of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

God’s love endures throughout our individual lifetimes and the lifetimes of our family, friends, and all others.

God’s love lasts through centuries and millennia.

God’s love perseveres throughout and beyond all time, for God is love.

Our experiences can be like riding a roller coaster of emotions, joys, hardships, births, deaths, and adventures in our lifetimes.

We can withstand the adversities, face suffering, and weather storms with God’s love and care.

We can undergo trials brought on by the imperfect actions by ourselves, others, and natural events.

We can enjoy sunrises and sunsets, gentle rain, blooming and fading flowers with God’s presence and beauty.

We can persevere day in, day out because God is there leading, guiding, and ruling over our lives, come what may.

Love is both a compelling gale force that shouts and a gentle breeze that whispers.

When we align our love with God’s love, we can stand firm, even when we feel like toppling over.

No matter how firm our own resolve is, how committed the decisions and vows we make, God’s love endures all things.

God leads us on the journey, comes along on the way, and brings us safely home, where we last – at last.

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