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Love is Not Inflated


It’s what makes balloons bigger and candy bars smaller.

English words have multiple meanings, and sometimes those meanings can show opposite edges of a context.

What does it mean to say that love is not inflated?

I propose that love can be hyped and diminished at the same time. Perhaps that is what St. Paul writes about in this negative attribute about love.

Overblown and underknown.

Bloated vanity and pretense.

Exaggerated and faked.

Hyped and phony.

Inflated love makes our egos larger and our hearts smaller.

Agape love, the other-centered, generous love that St. Paul writes about, is quite different.

Treasuring is about discovering and expressing agape love that is real, practical, and grounded.

Grounded love is practical, down-to-earth, and sensible.

Inflated love sounds nice, but it is overstated and doesn’t put caring into action.

So, what’s the opposite of inflated love?

Agape love.

It’s what makes hearts bigger and egos smaller.

Bigger hearts and smaller egos to clean the toilets and do the laundry.

Bigger hearts and smaller egos to reach out to those in need, anonymously, and not seeking credit.

Bigger hearts and smaller egos to share our admiration, encouragement, and appreciation to others.

Love is meek. Sound. Authentic. True. Legitimate. Real.

Love is not about me, it’s about we.

Love is about enlarging the hearts of others – and ourselves in the process.

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