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Love is Not Pompous

Have you heard of a dark star?

According to Dr. Katherine Freese, astrophysicist, professor, and dark star researcher at the University of Michigan, dark stars are similar to normal stars’ composition, mostly hydrogen and helium, except for one thing.

Dark stars were likely to be giant, puffy clouds with a diameter that could reach as large as 900 million miles in diameter. Dark stars could shine exceptionally bright, even ten billion times more luminous than our own sun.

While scientists don’t think that dark stars still exist today, dark stars are believed to be the seeds of black holes found in space.

No one really knows for sure because to prove a black star’s existence, astronomers would need extremely powerful telescopes capable of observing an extremely distant past.

So how do dark stars relate to love being not pompous?

Just what is pompous?

I think you see pompous when you hear it.

Bragging.  Huffy. Pretentious. Arrogant. Overbearing.

The “I know more than you’ll ever forget” type of person whose vanity is over the top.

Someone who acts superior by putting others down.

Or you might hear someone who is pompous who does things for appearance’s sake, or for the show, only.

Overly dressed. Seeking to be the center of attention all the time, no matter the situation or the circumstances.

Where can you experience love with a pompous person in a relationship?

The fact is there is a lot of love.

Except that love is only one way, not a love of equals.

Think of the equals sign in mathematics.

The object on either side of the equals sign has the same value.

Not so with a person who acts in a pompous manner.

That math equation is not one of equals.

It’s more like:

Me better than you.

Me greater than you.

The light gets taken by the pompous person, and nothing that gets reflected back to you.

Much like a black hole, which sucks things in where they get trapped and can’t escape.

Self-love, self-obsession, and self-importance make up the clanging gong that gets your attention, but what is annoying and irritating to hear.

The irony of arrogance is that although it appears grand, like a dark star’s brilliance, it leads to sucking all of the attention its own way, like a black hole.

The contrast to a pompous person is a humble person.

Someone modest, unpretentious, unassuming, simple, straightforward, and genuine.

Love that is not pompous is equal, unassuming, open to others, and down-to-earth.

Love that is expressed to another person without fanfare, blowing trumpets, or clanging gongs.

Love recognizes that the other person’s value is as high as the one giving expressions of love.

The key thing to remember is love is giving, not displaying or parading.

Love is the expression for the benefit of the other person, not just the giver.

Yes, we receive back from loving, but that is a side effect – a reflection- not the main reason to love.

St. Paul was probably unaware of dark stars’ theories, black holes, and dark matter during his day.

But he was aware of the reality of how the darkness of arrogance, conceit, and vanity affected the quality of love.

Let’s not get sucked into the trap of appearances when it comes to loving others.

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